What to Pack for a Ski Trip

Things that you will need for your ski holiday


Ski equipment is usually for hire in resorts. It is often included in ski passes or ski lessons which is convenient if you’re packing light or you’re a beginner. You can, however, bring your own.

Ski boots

Some people like to use their own boots for your skis/snowboard. These are essential to skiing so make sure you get ones that are a great fit.


Whether you get one there or bring one for home, just make sure it’s on your head when you hit the slopes ꟷ the snow may look soft but the rocks beneath sure aren’t!


Skis are perhaps the most important part of your trip :). The club med resorts offer you skis so no need to bring your own and most places rent them out, so you will always be able to find a pair if you don’t bring your own,

Ski poles

Another crucial part of gear for your trip, make sure you get ones that are comfortable and light.

Ski clothing

The trick with dressing for the slopes is layering. You need a warm layer, a middle layer (usually a jacket) and, finally, your waterproof jacket.

Goggles/ sunglasses

It may be snowing but at high altitudes the sun is fierce. Plus, it’ll be reflecting off the white scenery. Therefore, avoid the glare, as well as stray snowflakes, with a good pair of goggles or sunglasses ꟷthis is a skiing essential!

Warm scarf or neck warmer

Block blistering winds from whistling through your jacket with a cosy wool scarf or neck warmer.


Avoid turning blue in the face while skiing by packing a handy balaclava. This is one time worth looking slightly extra-terrestrial and you won’t be alone!

Waterproof, breathable jacket

Some resorts rent these out but it’s better to get your own as it is a skiing essential.

Hand warmers (for very cold conditions)

For very cold conditions or if you’re not used to icy weather, you may want to purchase a hand warmer. There are different varieties made of different materials; some fit into gloves, others are hand held.


It’s cold out there! Make sure you’ve got a nice pair of gloves that fit well and won’t slide up and down your ski poles. Here is a review of some of ski gloves in 2018

Glove liners

These nifty items fit under your gloves, increasing the warmth and versatility of your gloves, and are so small you can still include them if you’re packing light for your ski trip. Try any thermal material.


A beanie is always a good idea, if you keep your head warm it helps keep the rest of your body. We reccomend you have a spare incase one gets wet.

Ski socks

When buying your ski socks, you need to consider warmth, breathability and support. Put in at least three pairs when packing for your ski holiday.

Ski pants

Your pants need to withstand harsh weather conditions. Most ski pants aren’t too comfortable so consider packing long thermal underwear, too.

Thermal, breathable tops

This layer just needs to stay dry so it can be basically any comfortable long-sleeved top but thermal and breathable is best.


You’ll need this to keep your snacks and essentials with you on the slopes. A small one is good enough as you don’t want a heavy bag ruining your balance.

Other things to pack for you ski trip

Water bottle/ bladder

Make sure you’ve got about 2 litres of water. A water bladder is worth considering as you won’t need to go through the fuss of unzipping your daypack.

Passport photos for lifts

Some resorts may need passport-size photos to create a ski pass for you so bring some spares with in case.

Deep Freeze/ Voltaren

Skiing is hard work! Make sure you have a plan, ie. have Deep Feeze or Voltaren, when your muscles realised this!

Ankle, knee and elbow supports

After a few days skiing, your body might start taking strain so pack these supports in to make the most of your holiday even when your bones are wobbling.

Suntan lotion and lip balm

The sunrays are bouncing off the slopes so stay safe with suntan lotion and lipbalm. Make sure the SPF is over 40.


In case of too much exposure to the sun, include some Aftersun gel when packing for a ski holiday.

Altitude sickness medicine

If you know you suffer from altitude sickness or it’s your first time at a high altitude, pack some medication.

Insurance details

It’s not pleasant to think about but if you’re in a skiing accident overseas, travel insurance is vital. Make sure you keep all the documents together in a spot that is easily accessible to others.

Swimwear for spas and saunas

Some of the resorts have their own pool or saunas, so make sure you have a cossy so you can enjoy them

Casual clothes for indoors

You not always going to be in your ski gear so make sure that you have some some casual clothes for when you not on the slopes


Remeber to pack all your toiletries and also a moisturizer, the extreme conditions does have an effect on your skin

Walking or snowshoes

Make sure your shoes have a good grip to prevent slipping in the snow.

Skiing takes a lot of gear and preparation. Prioritise comfort and safety with these ski holiday essentials and you are guaranteed your perfect day skiing!

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